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One of the newest, most innovative sex toys in the industry today, the Lovense Lush is modern technology at its finest and sexiest. The perfect vibrator for single play and couples use close range, or even long distance, Lovense Lush combines an amazing mixture of some of the most advanced features for your intense pleasure.

The modern technology aspect of this bullet vibrator allows the Lovense App to be downloaded to your phone, creating an interactive interface where you can control (or be controlled by) your partner. This can be connected through any smart phone or Apple Watch, and can be used in person or anywhere across the globe through the internet. The app controls the motor’s vibrations, making them intense and strong or delicate and soft, or even allowing them to pulsate with your favorite song or in patterns of your own creation.

Your long distance relationships don’t have to be one-sided any more with the Lovense Lush. Simply apply the vibrator and allow yourself to feel the pleasure as your partner controls your stimulation.

Lovense Lush is designed to be nearly silent once inserted, and can be worn under your clothing or used for sexual play. The in-person control works up to 9 meters away, and allows up to two hours of continuous use, after which it is fully rechargeable via any USB port or plug.

Lovense Lush is made of body safe silicone and is completely waterproof. It is also easy to clean, with just a simple wash of mild soap and water. Lovense Lush also comes with a one year warranty.


Materials Body Safe Silicone
Size Click to See
Weight 62g
Battery Li-Ion Rechargeable
Charging 90 Minutes
Use Time up to 120 Minutes
Standby up to 120 Hours
Waterproof Waterproof

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  • do you send orders to South Africa and if so how much will the shipping be? or do you have a branch or agent is South Africa?

    No we don't. Apparently it is a bit difficult to ship things to South Africa. Please contact us directly on to come up with a solution.