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Lovense has revolutionized G-spot toys forever with its release of the Osci, the World’s First Oscillating G-Spot Toy.  No other woman’s sex toy is designed quite like it, and you have never felt anything as pleasurable!

The Osci’s S-shape curves are designed with women in mind, making it easier for the user to hold it at the G-spot and focus on giving and receiving pleasure instead of the toy itself.  The Osci’s unique g-spot stimulation is performed by the patent-pending oscillating mechanism that Lovense has designed with the intent to give you specific, pinpoint G-spot stimulation wherever you need it most.  The carefully designed curve is created to hit your G-spot, and the vibrations deliver the stimulating power of your choice at the touch of a button.

The intensity of the vibrations is created through Lovense’s patent-pending motor, which moves in and out at multiple speeds to give you unique and powerful stimulation, giving you a much more intense and pleasurable orgasm.  There are three levels of vibrations with ten patterns automatically built into the design, but you can create your own as well, since the vibrations can be set up to be synced to your favorite music or set to react to ambient sound effects. 

The Osci G-spot sex toy is made from high grade body safe silicone and is water resistant.  Its fully rechargeable USB battery is great for hours of pleasure – up to 300 minutes, depending on the power levels used during play time  -  and the USB charging cord that is supplied will keep your Osci ready to go between uses.

Like with other Lovense toys, the Osci is programmable to connect with the Lovense app for long distance and close-range control by your partner, so that your pleasure is literally in their hands, even if they are nowhere near you. For hands-on control, the buttons at the base of the handle are smartly designed for easy access, even while you have it on and inserted. 

Although the Osci is water resistant and can be used with lubricants, it is not waterproof, so avoid submerging your toy in water and cleanse it gently with water or specifically made toy cleansers for the best long-term use.

The Lovense Osci was designed for your comfort and pleasure, so whether you use this powerful G-spot toy for solo play, partner fun or long-distance use, be ready for the most intense G-spot orgasm imaginable.

Osci User Manual (PDF)

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