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The Fleshlight has made headlines as a breakthrough in male sex toys.  It is considered to be the first male masturbatory toy to help increase your stamina and give you the sensation of real sex at the same time.  Now, a company in the USA, Shagsall LLC, has kicked up how you can use the sex machine for males by creating an adapter that allows you to connect your Fleshlight to a Reciprocating Saw or Sex Machine for intense power. 
Simply by using the adapter provided and following a few simple steps, you can modify your Fleshlight to screw on to your power tool or favourite fucking machine.  This can be battery operated or, for an extremely powerful experience, plugged into the wall.  Once you have your Fleshlight connected, all you have to do is hook it to your penis or dildo, turn it on, and enjoy the sensation. Of course, making sure you are sufficiently lubed up is extremely important before you get started. 
Using the 4 inch or 8 inch extensions, you can choose how you want to connect your Fleshlight Adapter. Depending on where you are using it, you can also decide whether you need battery operated or electricity powered, which makes it the perfect travel companion for those long hunting or camping trips, or wherever you go. The intensity is determined by the reciprocating saw or sex machine that you are using it with – as powerful as your machine goes, that is how strong your Fleshlight will be fucking you.   You have never felt anything like this before, but you will definitely want to feel it again!If you are looking to go beyond the vanilla sex toys that are out there, and you want the extreme sensation of a hard pounding fuck, the male masturbator Fleshlight Adapter sex machine for males is a must have accessory for you.  
Combined with your sex machine or reciprocating saw, this is one toy that will surely hit the right spots at the right speed and intensity, in a way that you have never experienced before and will want to use over and over.  Keep it to yourself, or share it with your partner, but definitely give it a try!


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  • How does your fleshlight adapter connect to a reciprocating saw?

    This is item is compatable with the Shagsall modular system. We don't offer that set up due to high risks and find it unsafe to use.