About us

Who we are

We are an Australian company that is based in Sydney. Our team is passionate about the adult industry. We thrive to make sex more pleasurable and are eager to help people meet their sexual desires.

Company details

Registered business name: Ice Station Zebra Ltd

Warehouse location: NSW, Australia

What will appear on my credit card statement?

We do care about your privacy. This is what will be on your credit card statement: IceStationZ

Why we sell sex machines and accessories

Well. First of all, selling sex machines is fun. Also, we believe that sex is a very healthy exercise. We know, however, that sometimes we all have that “after-the-act” feeling that it would be nice to go slightly longer and have a bit more stamina to get to the point of complete satisfaction. Sex machines are the perfect answer.

We are entering a 3D digital era of sexual fantasies and experiences. Sex machines (love machines) would be a perfect addition to help you create and experience the physical satisfaction you crave and deserve.  

Where we are located

Our main operations are headquartered in Sydney, with two warehouses: one in South Australia and the other in Sydney. 

Product Range

We understand that some people may be interested in buying adult products and we want to help them do it. Our job is to make sure we sell the best quality products for a reasonable price. 

Having a wide range of adult products can be sometimes confusing and buying them can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience. We want to make this process simple. That is why we are proud of our website and our customer service.  Our site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. You can ask a question online and expect to receive immediate feedback.

What we think about our prices

Competition online is hard, especially when it comes down to price. It’s often difficult to find the right balance between competitive pricing, customer affordability and making a profit. To ensure our customers get the best value for their money and keep our rates competitive, we are always negotiating better deals with our suppliers and making sure we offer products that match our quality standards. Basically, we always ask ourselves one simple question: Would I buy this product for myself or recommend it to someone? If the answer is 'Yes,' then you can find it in our store. 

Our business model is focused on two priorities:

- Customer Service

- Quality

Why we think it is secure to buy with us

We use the best-selling platforms available online. Our team has IT professionals who have experience in the IT field and we are confident that the chosen platform protects you better than anything else. Buy with confidence!

Why we want happy customers

Every product page has a review section where we encourage you to submit your opinion about the product. We want to know what you want and how your experience was. We DO NOT want to sell low quality products. Please share your experience by submitting a review. If the product is poor quality, we will remove it from our store. By letting us know your feedback, we will make our customers happier than ever. We don’t just want new customers, we want your return business as well, and to do this, we want to keep you happy. Don't experiment with other lower quality products, simply buy the best.  

How long have you been running your business

We have multiple years of experience in online business with different products, including cycling products. The big players get the most attention because they advertise, but we prefer word of mouth business to help keep our overhead, and therefore your cost, low.

Our experience in online business makes us confident enough to say that we offer the best customer service possible.