The Tremblr, so named because it will leave your legs trembling thanks to its amazing suction power, is the latest advancement in the sex machine industry by the makers of the F-Machine. The dreamed-of blow job on demand, as hard or soft, fast or slow as you want it. Your perfect orgasm is yours at the touch of a button.

Featuring a discrete carrying case that doubles as your locked storage kit, this milking machine boasts 180 strokes per minute at top speed, as well as a wireless remote control that adjusts the speed control and suction power as you want it changed during your blow job as you desire. No matter how good a mouth is, you can’t get that with a person!

The Trembl fits 95% of penis sizes through its adjustable suction chamber. The powerful industrial spec motor is super quiet. The machine also contains an ultra-lightweight hands-free masturbation receiver, adjustable pump power and strong 110/240V power adaptor. An inbuilt cooling fan ensures that this machine is safe for extended use and can be used over and over again for years to come as an excellent investment.

Each part of this machine is laid out in a design that is extremely simple to use and follow. The blue LED lights in the Suk-n-Fuk chamber will come on to show you that the Tremblr is ready to use when you have put it together correctly, and assembly and disassembly are extremely easy. With the layout of the equipment in the case, you can quickly tell where each piece goes and if anything is missing before you put away your milking machine. Everything you need to maintain your machine is supplied in the storage case as well.

With the Tremblr milking machine, you know that every penny you have paid will be well spent and worth it. This machine will be a focal point of your day, and you can use it as often as you would like to. Built to last, the Tremblr is a priceless addition to your sex toy collection at an amount you can afford. Who can say no to a blow job any time you want it?