Machine Attachments

So you’ve made finally made the big decision and went ahead and either purchased or rented your fantasy fucking machine. Great choice! You definitely aren’t going to regret it – in fact, it may turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. But what’s going to make it even better is your choice of accessories when you use the machine. Sometimes those can be a make or break, so you definitely need to choose wisely. With that being said, of course we have some recommendations for you. Again, we only suggest and sell the highest quality products, so anything we recommend is right up there at the top.

Doc Johnson brand Vac-U-Lock is the brand of dildos that is suggested for and compatible with most sex machines, and there is a reason for that. Tested and approved since 1976, they are the number one brand of sex toys rated for both pleasure and safety. Their mission is to bring you sexual satisfaction, and they have found multiple different methods to do this through their many, diverse accessories. Thanks to Doc Johnson, you can find whatever suits your pleasure, from anal toys to bondage, masturbators to strap-ons, and more. We offer these products on our page, but one of our favorite products to use in conjunction with our sex machines is the UR3 Hung.

The Doc Johnson UR3 Hung is an extremely realistic 12 inch cock that is F-Machine and Harness compatible. It has a massive 9.7 inch insertable length for amazing pleasure, especially when it’s used with the machine for intense speed and angle. Available in white or black, the Doc Johnson UR3 is made from a dual density construction consisting of Doc Johnson UltraSkyn to give it that life-like, soft feel. The UltraSkyn exterior is wrapped over a firm interior, making the shaft sturdy and hard but flexible. This pleasurable cock is easy to insert over your sex machine, perfect for any kind of play you choose, and simple to clean afterwards with any toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water. Most likely, the Doc Johnson UR3 will quickly become your favorite toy, hands down. It definitely is ours.

However, if the size intimidates you, there are many other options to choose from. There’s the Doc Johnson Classic, an 8” brown dildo made of platinum premium silicone, always a great option for a beginner. Or try the smaller version of the UR3, the 7” thin dong, the “most realistic flesh every created,” and incredibly life-like. If you’re looking for something a little less cock-like, you can try the Wave, which has a wavy design and fuller girth for g-spot stimulation. There’s also the Doc Johnson Ribbed G with that amazing ribbed texture that is perfect for hitting that g-spot. And we can’t forget, another favorite, the Dream – a 7” slim dildo with a slight inner curve to go in just right and provide intense stimulation.

Regardless of the dildo that you choose to accessorize your love machine, you’re going to get pleasure. Any additional accessories you use are just enhancements. Still, you can add that 3 speed vibrating ring or All-Nighter cock ring to your order, or go wild and give the dolls a try. We recommend Lonely and Lusty, the inflatable love doll with Cyberskin pussy and ass.

The point is, anything goes. There’s no need to hold back. It’s your bedroom (or whatever room you are using), and your pleasure. It’s the 21st century and the world is your sexual oyster. Your fantasies can now become reality, and no one needs to know but you. So go on – your machine is on its way, or is there waiting for you. Grab your dildo, or order it now. If it strikes your fancy, stick it in the shopping cart. No lines to be embarrassed of being seen in, no guilt or fear of getting caught. Your fantasies can become realities. Go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose, and only pleasure to gain.