Want to Rent a Sex Machine?


Take the next step to make your fantasies come to life!

You have a lot of fantasies, and there are some that you could indulge in if you simply had a more appropriate opportunity, but you’re not sure that buying one is for you quite yet. For example, you’re having a party and you’d like to provide the entertainment, or you want to try out the sex machine first before you decide to buy one. Renting a love machine from us is very simple and easy!  

Renting one of our sex machines is straightforward

There are four easy steps to the process

  1. Use the calendar to choose your dates
  2. Browse the attachments and accessories with your booking
  3. Submit your booking, and your love machine will be discretely delivered straight to your door in a secure traveling case
  4. Use your sex machine as you desire, and at the end of your rental period, the courier will pick it up from your house

Sanitation and Hygiene

Your health and safety are our priority. Each machine is thoroughly sanitized with medical-grade cleaning solutions after every rental, making them safe after each use and hygienic to rent.

your privacy matters, too

Each sex machine is shipped in a securely locked transport case with nothing displayed pertaining to the content inside. The code for the pad lock is emailed to you separately upon shipping.

Shipment flat rate Delivery + Collection: $59