RealDoll2 – Realdoll

RealDolls posable silicone dolls are created from lightweight and durable materials that are designed with your pleasure in mind.  From the top of the head down to the toes, you have full say in what your real doll looks like, so you create the perfect sex partner.

Choose your doll’s body type, including height, bust size and shoe size, and even buttock size, and then skin tone.  Specify your favorite lip color, make up, nails and toe design and polish.  Got an eye fetish?  Choose the color that turns you on most, and then pick the degree of realism that you want.  Customize your doll’s makeup and eyebrows, pick his/her hair, or even make a special request.  You can be specific – this is your creation, and you want it to be able to satisfy you for a long time!

Then, for the fun part – pick and choose your penis or vagina size and style, and pubic hair amount and color.  This part is interchangeable, so you can change your mind later and try new styles when you are ready.  You can also interchange the face and hair, thanks to the magnet based design, so if you like variety, you can have as much or as little as you prefer.

Choose your piercings, freckles, ear designs, and other options so that your real doll is your perfect fantasy lover come true! Special requests can be accommodated within reason, so if you are not sure, go ahead and ask. 

With RealDoll, the next generation of sex dolls are ready and waiting for you to create them.