Statistics have shown an increase in long distance relationships over the last decade, due in part to online relationships, but also to the need to travel for business reasons, etc. In the past, these relationships have often ended because of the frustration of not being able to physically connect. Technology has conquered that issue with the invention of Lovesense, the sex toy that actually senses your partner’s movements and reacts to them in real time.


How does this work? Using Bluetooth technology, you connect to any computer or phone (Android or iPhone) and message or call your partner using Lovesense’s software. The software allows the connection to go straight to your lover’s phone rather than through any third party user for your ultimate security. You can use audio, text or video services and know that everything is completely secure. By using your smartphone or your own Lovense toy, you can control your partner’s toy’s movements using “Her Sex Toy,” the “Nora”,  and “His Sex Toy,” the “Max.” This is called bi-directional control.

When you’ve talked and teased enough and you’re ready for the physical sex to begin, simply begin using the toys and they will respond to each other immediately. Just as it would happen in reality, if your partner’s toy moves forward to stimulate you, yours will move backwards to provide the stimulation, providing the sensation that your partner is truly touching you.

With Lovense, the miles apart won’t feel so far and the time between you and your lover’s meetings will go faster.


Lush,” the first remote controlled vibrator to be controlled by your phone anywhere, anytime, using teledildonics.

How does this work? Inside or outside the bedroom, by using Bluetooth technology, you connect your phone to the Lush software, which is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, iPad Mini and later, and Android 4.3 and later. Your lover, or you, picks up the Lush vibrator and you choose the beat on your phone for the vibrations to respond to. This can be a pre-created rhythm chosen from the unlimited patterns already in the software, synced to music, or sound-activated.

Lush is waterproof and comfortable, with a design created to hit the G-spot every time. Lush also boasts the longest range of all wearable Bluetooth vibrators, with 360 degree standing and sitting range, and unlimited distance with internet controlled use.

Lush is also more discreet than other wearable vibrators or vibrating panties, but 3-4 times more powerful than the leading panty vibrator. Lush is USB rechargeable and holds 1.5 to 2 hours of consistent use, with a one year warranty.