Fleshlight – pink fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the male sex toy made famous throughout the world as the first masturbatory toy to help increase your stamina and give you the sensation of real sex at the same time. The premise behind this product is that through continued practice and training, you will be able to control your orgasm and last longer. Fleshlight brand has brought a gold standard of sex toys to the sex accessories market with their line, and all of their toys and accessories have a high quality standard.

There are many options to choose from, including the basic Pink Lady Original and Pink Lady Vortex, with a realistic pussy design and a tight, smooth tunnel. You can try the designs based on your favorite porn stars in the Fleshlight Girls series, like the Angela White, Jenna Jameson and Alexis Texas products. If you’re a bit more adventurous, you might like the Fleshlight Freaks series, where you can purchase a fantasy version female like an Alien. If blow jobs are your thing, try the Fleshlight Girls Swallow series, with lips and mouth that are just like the real thing. And then of course, there are the anal options, such as the Fleshlight Pink Butt-hole Original. You can also purchase the Fleshlight Stamina Trainer Value Pack, complete with lube and other accessories, or other value packs.

The science behind it is quite innovative but simple. There is a solid casing on the outside of the masturbator, and the entrance is sealed with a twistable top cap that covers the opening when you’re not using it. There’s also an end cap for air control to keep it tight, and for cleaning use. The inner sleeve is soft and silky, and very flexible.

The sleeves themselves inside the case are interchangeable, so after you purchase the first Fleshlight, you can buy different sleeves to try them out. It’s recommended that you soak it in warm water before use for a bit to bring the temperature up, but it’s not necessary. However, Fleshlight provides a warmer for just this specific thing. If you’re looking to get that “just like sex” feeling, you might want to take the extra few minutes and warm it up, but if you don’t, the Fleshlight will warm up to body temperature with use.

The ultimate goal of the Fleshlight is to provide you with increased stamina through training your body to focus, breathe and last longer than you might during actual sex. The more you practice, the better you will get, and the Fleshlight makes practicing something you will definitely look forward to!