F-machine Pro

With so many high-end love machines available on the market today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by possibilities when selecting just the right device for you. There are so many factors to consider, from cost to size to functionality to volume. (After all, everybody wants to have the most exciting possible sex life, but nobody wants to wake the neighbors.) Enter F-Machine Pro II, the frontrunner in contemporary sex toy technology.

Not long after its debut in 2011, the F-Machine Pro II’s predecessor made a name for itself for being the best fuck machine available in the UK and abroad. Since then, the newly redesigned F-Machine Pro II has rewritten the industry standard among high-end sex machines, proving itself to be the premiere in durability, versatility, and unparalleled pleasure. Let’s look at just a few of the features this love machine has to offer:

Adjustable thrust length. Simply rotate the crank to change the machine’s position for optimal penetration action. You can also adjust the machine’s height +/- 40 degrees for frontal or rear penetration to suit your desires.

A heavy-duty CNC billet aluminum chassis. The twin-rod construction and patented slider mechanism ensure offer ensure near-silent usage. No need to worry about inviting unwanted attention when you fire this baby up.

Adjustable thrust depth. The machine allows you to adjust penetration control between 1 and 6 inches for maximal satisfaction. Select a lower setting for a more teasing touch, or a higher setting if you want the F-Machine Pro II to really rock your world.

Wide heavy-duty legs. The F-Machine Pro II’s legs offer heightened stability and even comes equipped with an optional suction cup for hardwood floors and other surfaces. You’re free to go wild with this fuck machine, because it’s not going anywhere.

A 24-volt DC motor and switchable 110V/240V power supply that allows you to reach thrusting speeds of 240 RPM. Read that again: 240 RPM. The only limit is your endurance.

An 8” dong attachment. F-Machine Pro also offers a complete line of interchangeable dildos of varying lengths and thicknesses, so you can select just the right attachment to hit all those sweet spots.

It isn’t just by chance that the F-Machine Pro II is the best-selling sex machine in the world. The first edition F-Machine hit the market in 2011, and in no time at all it gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best love machines available for at-home use. As its popularity increased, it soon began outselling competing brands two-to-one. Eighteen months after its initial release, the F-Machine was redesigned to make it substantially more powerful than it was before. The finished design is sophisticated, easy to operate and adjust, and even quieter than the previous model. And unlike non-branded options, every F-Machine Pro II undergoes a 25-point quality control procedure before it’s packaged and shipped, guaranteeing that each machine meets Cloud Nine Novelties’ rigorous standards of excellence and ensuring years of pleasurable use at an unbeatable value.

Equally suitable for vaginal penetration and anal play, the F-Machine Pro II offers all the pleasure of manual stimulation with none of the work! Simply adjust the machine to your preferred speed, depth, and angle, flip the switch, and let it do the rest. The hands-free technology gives you the freedom to let go and indulge in pure sensation without fumbling with battery packs, cables, or remote controls. For an even more intense experience, consider investing in Cloud Nine Novelties’ specially designed Double Trouble dildo attachment. This detachable dong is fully compatible with your F-Machine Pro II and allows for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. And gentlemen, don’t think this toy was designed exclusively with women in mind: Many of our male customers have reported that this fuck machine provides incomparable prostate stimulation, making it a fantastic investment for individual users of any gender as well as for couples looking to inject a little novelty into their sex lives. If your lover needs a break between sessions, the F-Machine Pro II has you both covered: Its 24-volt DC motor has been engineered to give you climax after climax without stopping or requiring any cooldown time, so the only limits to your sexual gratification are your own stamina. We have yet to encounter a customer who could outlast the power and endurance of this love machine.

There’s a whole wide world of sex toys out there, but if you’re after superiority of craftsmanship, expert engineering, durability, and unlimited orgasms, then look no further than the F-Machine Pro II. Not only is it one of the most sleek and sophisticated love machines on the global market today, but it can’t be matched in terms of value. When you choose to add this toy to your collection, you aren’t merely making a purchase, but an investment in a machine designed to enhance your sex life for years to come.