AutoBlow 2+

Although simply amazing by itself, the Autoblow 2+ has gone above and beyond by introducing more and more ways to make each of your blowjobs an amazing experience.  By offering their sex robot sleeves in multiple sizes, you are guaranteed to feel the ultimate sensations every time.  But the choices don’t end there.

Now you can choose whether you want your sleeve to have a mouth, pussy, or (coming soon) ass design and feel.  If you are looking for a more realistic choice, look no further!  The Autoblow 2+ offers the RealDoll option.  Made by RealDoll themselves just for the Autoblow 2+, these are sleeves with extremely realistic detail, handmade and hand painted.  These can be used with the machine or as a standalone stroker, and come in your choice of ribbed mouth or vagina sleeves.

The Autoblow 2+ is designed to be relatively hands-free, but you still have to hold on to it to keep it steady.  To make this easier, you can use the Autoblow Easy-Grip Handle.  This handle snaps onto your Autoblow to make it look similar to a coffee mug, but it makes the distraction of holding the machine become just about non-existent so you can focus completely on your pleasure.

You can also choose to purchase the discrete storage case created specifically for the Autoblow 2+.  Made from heavy duty nylon, it looks like a harmless camera lens case, forgettable and ignorable.  It easily zips closed and can be used with a padlock to make it even more secure.  You can also get a storage case designed to fit your Autoblow with your handle as well.

Finally, what sex toy would be complete without a way to keep it clean, fresh and sanitary?  With multiple sex toy cleaners and lubricants, you can find what you need to stay hygienic and healthy in our product lines.  Don’t forget the lube – although the ribbing and material ensure that you’ll enjoy your blowjob from the Autoblow 2+ anyway, we all know that a little extra lube can make the difference between an amazing blowjob and an incredible one!

With this incredible collection of products, the Autoblow 2+ is the must-have on every man’s shopping list this year.  For a blowjob on demand, with just about no work from you, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your fantasy while the Autoblow 2+ robot strokes your cock to sensations you just can’t get from your hand.