Want a One-of-a-Kind Sex Toy?  Try Clone a Willy!

Want a One-of-a-Kind Sex Toy? Try Clone a Willy!

What is a Clone a Willy? Well, just like it sounds, it’s a way to “clone” someone’s “willy” through penis casting. By using a homemade molding gel that is made of materials that are safe for your body, you are able to create a one-of-a-kind replica of your favorite body part with features that are life-like and incredibly detailed! Regardless of what you might at first think, Clone a Willy really is not a “gag gift.” There are many benefits to giving and receiving this kit that make it a worthwhile gift for yourself or for others.

People use Clone a Willy for many different reasons unique to them and their needs. It’s a great wedding gift for your good friend, and pretty much a guarantee that it won’t be something someone else got them. Just think – when your newly married friend and their spouse are sitting around bored on those after-honeymoon nights, Clone a Willy will help them bring the spark back into the dull routine they probably have begun. Another reason Clone a Willy is a great idea is for those couples separated by long-distance relationships or business trips and vacations. When you can’t be with your lover on those lonesome nights, you have the next best thing with their penis replica as your dildo. The Clone a Pussy kit is available as well, so once you send your girlfriend your penis clone, you can ask her to return the favor for you! Some men find the idea of sex toys in the bedroom to be repulsive or intimidating. The thought of another penis, even a fake one, inside their girlfriend or wife’s pussy is not acceptable to them. But the knowledge that it’s actually their own penis as the dildo of choice is not only okay with them, it’s ego boosting! Along the same lines, having that duplicate penis helps make threesome fantasies so much more realistic, but still okay even for the most possessive of men – “My wife has two cocks in her, but they’re both mine!”

The materials that are a part of Clone a Willy’s kit are all high-quality and easy to handle. You’ll be able to walk through each step simply with the many step-by-step videos available on sites like Vimeo or YouTube, or the many other instructions and helpful sites that are out there, so that within 24 hours of beginning, you’ll have your realistic, vibrating duplicate of your preferred penis, created in the privacy and comfort of your own home! Obviously there is the concern of safety – this is your most sensitive and treasured body part, of course. The materials used were created by a chemist and are algae based, similar to the materials used to cast dental molds, and are completely safe for your sensitive parts. The penis clone is made from silicone, so it will not degrade with time or use.

How it works is innovative and surprisingly easy – first you’ll adjust a clear tube for general sizing, then you mix a casting paste together, pour it into the tube, slide in your erect penis, and pour in the final base to create the finished penis. Finally, you simply insert the vibrator, let it solidify for 24 hours, and bam, you have your new dildo! A little bit of friendly advice – you’re probably going to make a bit of a mess with this kit – it is a casting paste and as such it’s more along the lines of a science experiment while you’re creating it, so remember to take precautions as far as where you are creating your product and the materials necessary to ensure you don’t make a mess of your carpet, table, or other furniture and flooring. Everything you need, including the vibrator, is included, and you can choose from many options including natural flesh, glow-in-the-dark, and neon coloring. You can add more detail with the Clone a Willy Plus Balls Kit, which has received the XBiz Awards 2016 Specialty Product of the Year Award. With this kit you can create your vibrating duplicate cast of your penis, but now you include your balls as well for the ultimate pleasure and an even more life-like copy. There are a few other kits available, like the Clone a Pussy kit, so finding the kit that is right for you is important, but you can be assured that they are all safe and extremely simple to use!

There are a ton of reasons for you to create your unique dildo, and even more that you’ll come up with when you have it in your hands. The potential for satisfaction and enjoyment is endless! Once you have your kit, you can decide to give it to someone as a gift, or use it for your own pleasure, but be sure to get your own Create-a-Willy today and enjoy the use of the perfect penis any time you want it!

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