TrySexMachines | Australia partner with RealDoll

TrySexMachines | Australia partner with RealDoll

Have you ever thought that the perfect lover was a myth, or out of your league?  Been in relationships that made you think of switching playing fields or giving up completely?  Well now you can have the companion you were about to give up on as existing, thanks to RealDoll.

RealDoll has created the next generation of male and female sex dolls so realistic that, at first glance and second glance, and maybe even third, you wouldn’t know they were not the real thing.  With soft skin, anatomically correct features, and options that you can choose exactly for your specific preferences, you may very well give up on finding or having a living partner, because these dolls will be everything you ever wanted!

RealDollThe idea is mind-boggling, and the choices are incredible, but then…wait… there’s more!  Once you decide on your overall doll, you then get to specify everything from bust or chest size to lip color to fingernail and toe shape and color!  You decide the realism of the eyes, the makeup, hair color… you are essentially designing your perfect sex partner.Everyone has thought at one time or another something like, “If only I could have that one’s face on that one’s body, with that chest or those eyes….”  With RealDoll, you can actually do that.  Eyes that you thought were impossible, breasts that you only ever fantasized about, or sexual positions that you never tried but always wanted to are all in your reach.  You can even have a real doll that holds a conversation with you. 

As far as durability goes, you definitely get what you pay for here.  The skin is made from medical grade silicone materials, ensuring that liquids and fluids do not penetrate and your doll is easily washable and can go pretty much anywhere you go.  Like a regular body, most parts are posable.  The mouth and vaginal parts on the females are removable for cleaning, and on the males, there is a removable penis option. 

RealDoll2And if you ever feel the need for a change in your partner, they have that taken care of too.  The heads are made of magnet based interchangeable bases, so you can quickly and easily swap one head for another for more variety.  There are also interchangeable vaginal styles for even more variation. Details can make or break the perfection for you, and RealDoll knows this.  That’s why they offer a multitude of extra options, from freckles to pubic hair to elf ears.  If you can think it, they probably offer it, and they attempt to accommodate most special requests.

There is a reason there are so many people turning to real dolls for their sex needs.  RealDolls sex dolls are the next generation in sexual satisfaction.  They never say no, they never talk back, and they are always up for anything you want.  Worth every penny, your RealDoll is waiting for your imagination to turn them into the perfect creation.


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