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The sex toy business is booming, with reports from 2016 showing it as a $15 billion industry, projected to hit $50 billion by the end of 2017, and has been growing right along with the rest of the industry, proudly celebrating our one-year anniversary.  In that year, our once small, niche market has grown to offer some of the top-selling sex toys and machines, from basic thrusting vibrators to Real Dolls to powerful fucking machines.  With competitive pricing, discrete shipping and personalized customer service, our company has quickly become the go-to site for all of your sexual needs.

Sex Machines

Our sex machines are top of the line, and include A-rated favorites like the F-Machine Pro II, Machine Yourself and the Tremblr.  The F-Machine Pro II has an extremely powerful motor with a top speed of 240 rpm.  It boasts adjustable front and rear legs for a variety of sexual positioning, and has a 1 to 6-inch thrust depth.  With its quiet motor, impressive specs and redesigned enhancements, this machine has quickly become number one across the world in sex machines.  Accessories are available for extra variability, including Double Trouble, for the pleasure of two toys at once. 

Standing strong in the market on its own, the MachineYourself Model 2 is another fucking machine that kicks up the intensity by allowing penetration at any angle for 360 degrees, for flexible, yet durable, use.   Or, if you are more interested in oral stimulation, we have the Tremblr, a sucking machine that provides just the right pressure and suction for your perfect orgasm.  For every man’s fantasy of a blow job on demand, the Tremblr is a dream come true.  You can use it over and over again, and it will never tell you it’s too tired.  

Any of these machines are an excellent long-term investment for your sex toy collection.  They are sturdy and built to last, even with repetitive use.  Your satisfaction and orgasm are always in your reach and your ultimate control.  However, if you are not sure if the investment in one of these amazing love machines is right for you, you can choose to rent one in 3 Day, 7 Day or 14-day hire increments, with discrete shipping and straight to your door delivery and pick up.

Sex Dolls

Another of our products we are now extremely proud to offer is the RealDolls line.  These dolls look and feel like a real person, and can be custom built to just about any specifications. Whether your preference is male or female, blonde or brunette, short or tall, we have the doll for you.  Flexible positioning and waterproof, lightweight and durable silicone material ensure that you can use your doll whenever, however, and wherever you would like to.  You can design your doll to your heart’s desire, from hair and eye color to piercings and make-up.  Finally, the perfect woman (or man) is truly at your fingertips, without the hassle and drama of a relationship. 

If you are looking for the basics, we still offer those as well!  The We-Vibe Sync and Nova are two of our best-selling vibrators, geared towards couples, solo play and collections.  Hands-free toys, clit and penis rings, and anal plugs keep this line popular with everyone.  With multiple options in both lines, you get the pleasure of a vibrator with the ability to have a partner in charge at the same time.  Multiple vibration modes, waterproof materials and unique designs for enhanced stimulation make these the ultimate in pleasure toys.  The reasonable price tag helps, too!

Lush by Lovense

Browsing through our catalog gives you access to high-end, innovative brands such as Lovense and Fleshlight.  Bluetooth technology makes Lovense the perfect line to check out if you are in a long-distance relationship, or you do not get to see your partner as much as you would prefer.  The touch of a button on your phone can make it seem like you are in the same room together, no matter how far apart.  Fleshlight has quickly made a name for itself in male masturbatory sex toys, and, like our site, it has come a long way from its original release.  Now there is an extensive variety of designs, including some of your favorite porn stars’ pussy or ass moldings.  Accessories such as the shower mount and sleeve warmers have shown the world that the Fleshlight brand is here to stay in the top of the sex toy market.

Whatever your fetish or fantasy, is sure to have what you are looking for.  We are small enough to ensure service geared directly to you and your customer satisfaction, but our little store has grown to offer an impressive array of sex machines, toys and accessories that rival those of larger companies.  Our one-year anniversary is just a start, and we look forward to providing you with all of the tools to fulfill your fantasies, old and new, throughout the coming years.

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