Tremblr – Male Milking Machine Blog Review

Tremblr – Male Milking Machine Blog Review


Just like the name implies, the makers of the F-machine have combined simple engineering with the ultimate advancements in technology to create a machine so amazing that it can simply “milk” you dry while you enjoy every second of it. What would most men do to be able to have a blow job on demand? Well, your fantasy has come true, thanks to the Tremblr.

The idea is simple enough to be basic, but imaginative enough to have created one of the most sought-after sex toys on the market today. Taking a page from the idea of milking a cow, the Tremblr improves on farm technology, where an electric motor and piston are used to turn an arm that rotates, pulling on a receiver that draws air in and out of a hollow tube. The receiver is where the penis is placed and it is there where you are massaged and sucked to release. If only cows had it so good.

The Tremblr milking machine has improved upon other similar machines that were marketed prior to its release by improving packaging and design to make it easier to use and store. Everything is stored inside the case that the milking machine is delivered in, and that same case can be locked for privacy and put away discretely. Inside the case you can find that each section, the upper and lower, have been laid out ingeniously to house the necessary equipment for the machine, and everything is organized and easy to put together – simply remove the power supply and cable and plug it into the wall. The first use takes a little extra assembly, but after that it’s almost as easy as a plug-and-play. The blue LED light will come on in the Suk-n-Fuk chamber, telling you it is ready to go, when you have everything put together correctly. It really is a no-brainer.

This is truly one of the cases where size doesn’t matter, because you can increase and decrease the milking machine for girth by adjusting the screws once you are ready to use it, and this controls the flow of air to adjust for size. You can also use the remote control to determine the stroking depth and the speed of suction as you are being milked to orgasm.

The Tremblr is definitely a machine that you will use over and over again, and each experience can feel unique as you get used to the machine and use the many different features it comes with. We suggest you still go to work and leave the house occasionally, but with the opportunity to have a blow job any time you want one, we don’t blame you if you decide not to!

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