Sex Machines

Sex Machines

To the uninitiated, sex machines (also known as love machines or fucking machines) can seem like a recent invention. For years they’ve been the province of underground fetishists, kinksters, and adult film entertainers, but it’s only been in more recent times that these autoerotic devices have begun to make their way into the mainstream. More and more, women and men alike are recognizing the sensual possibilities these machines have to offer, and looking for creative ways to incorporate them into their bedroom activities. Ask anybody who’s tried one and they’ll tell you that not only do sex machines have the power to elevate masturbation to new and transcendent heights, they’re also a thrilling addition to partner sex—or group play, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sex machines follow a straightforward format: they consist of a metal frame housing an electric motor that powers a thrusting, vibrating dildo attachment. Many machines are designed for use with interchangeable sex toys, so you can select the length and girth of the dildo or even enjoy double-penetration, and they’re all equipped with functions that allow you to change the speed, depth, and angle of the thrusting. The infinitely customizable features make for an unlimited world of orgasmic possibilities.

Still, many new users are reluctant to purchase a high-quality sex machine simply due to the cost. Indeed, since they’re far more complex than more traditional sex toys, such as battery-operated vibrators or dildos that need to be inserted manually, sex machines do come at a higher price. But unlike garden-variety sex toys, these machines are designed and built not merely for months or years, but a lifetime of use. In this sense, the acquisition of a sex machine isn’t just a purchase, but an investment in your sexual future. Still, if you know you’d like to add a machine to your sex toy collection but you’re unsure of which one is right for you, read on for some product recommendations to help you decide which device is right for you.

To begin, the F-Machine Pro II is a longtime favorite among sex machine users. Reputed to be the most powerful sex machine available on the market today, F-Machine’s 60-watt industrial torque motor allows it to reach top speeds of up 240 rpm. The aircraft alloy thrust rod is fully adjustable, as are the legs of the machine, so you can select the length and depth of the thrust and set the machine to the height and angle that’s most comfortable and satisfying for you. Best of all, it’s designed for use with the interchangeable Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock line of dongs, to make your sexual experience fully customizable. And because it’s suitable for vaginal and anal penetration, it can be enjoyed by women, men, and couples of any gender configuration alike. Whether you plan to use it as a masturbatory aid or a supplement to your sex life with your partner, the value of F-Machine Pro II will be self-evident after only one use. (But believe us: You’ll want to use it again and again and again!)

However, F-Machine Pro II has a worthy competitor in the Caesar line of sex machines. Caesar 3.0 comes equipped with a unique feature: the frame is designed to slide neatly between your mattress and box spring for ease of use in bed. It’s non-skid, non-marking base means that it can also be positioned on the floor without fear of damage. The low voltage motor allows the machine to be supercharged to 300 strokes per minute, and the fully adjustable thrusting arm rotates a full 180 degrees, allowing for use in a huge range of positions. It can be fitted with a realistic TPR dong or a rigid soft-skin simulator for anal penetration, and thrusting is controlled via a rotating dial on the attached electronic silicone vibrator. Caesar 4.0 is similarly designed and equipped with all the same features, and it can be adjusted to deliver up to four strokes per second. The newly redesigned brace is sturdier and more balanced, making it ideal for use on the floor, and like the 3.0 model it can be used with a detachable dong or anal stimulator.

Finally, if you’re interested in a more portable device, there’s the Reciprocating Saw Vac-U-Lock Adapter. This ingenious accessory is designed to attach to most reciprocating saws and Sawzalls, transforming a mundane power tool into an out-of-this-world sex toy. The adapter is designed to accommodate the entire Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock line of dildos and stimulators, so you can use your reciprocating saw for vaginal or anal stimulation, or both simultaneously. With this toy, the only limit to your sexual gratification is your endurance. You can use it on yourself or with a partner.

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