Bondage – The Ultimate Mutual Playground, Nipple Clamps

Bondage – The Ultimate Mutual Playground, Nipple Clamps

Whether you and your partner are ready to experiment with turning your fetishes and fantasies into reality, or you’ve been in the world of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) for a while, there are a few things to understand when bondage becomes part of the relationship. First and foremost, the play must be consensual, or it’s not BDSM. It doesn’t always have to include sex, but it can. Second, it must be safe. Consent is a requirement, and you can always say no, but even beyond that, you have to know that what you’re using is safe as well. That’s where we come in to play, by offering only high quality toys. And you have an abundance of options in this area to enhance your BDSM experience.


The current popular trend in BDSM is nipple clamps. BDSM encounters are called “scenes,” and in many, many scenes nipple clamps can be seen in action. A nipple clamp can actually be attached to any part of the body, but in the case of nipples, the pleasure comes from the pain caused when attaching them to the erect nipples. For a lot of people who enjoy this kink, the pleasure also comes from seeing the clamps attached. The clamps are usually used in pairs and connected by a chain of some sort, like in our Fetish Fantasy Series 10 Function Vibrating Nipple Clamps, but there are also magnetic options, like our Fetish Fantasy Gold and Silver clamps, with magnets that give you the perfect pinch every time. There are also cordless varieties (Fetish Fantasy Series Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamp). One of our faves for the hard-core nipple clamp user is the Japanese Clover Clamp, with butterfly style nipple clamps that are spring-loaded. Pull the string to increase the tension – the harder you pull, the tighter the grip and the more intense the pleasure! Regardless of your choice, when done right these toys are sure to please.

Another common choice in BDSM accessories are restraints. Ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, bed restraints and more dominate this category. Restraints generally come in a cloth form for safety, but they are definitely secure. You can start with some simple Lovers Tape by Scandal, which is reusable self-adhesive bondage tape, or maybe some Japanese Silk Rope, made from super-soft material to ensure pleasure even without experience. You might want to move in to the Hog Tie cuffs also by Scandal, where you restrain your partner behind their back with the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. When you’re feeling more confident, try the Leather Collar and Cuff Set, which allows your partner to move freely, yet still be bound and at your mercy. The comfortable wrist cuffs connect to the collar with chains for a sexy master/servant experience. Or, if you’re ready, go for the Deluxe Door Cuffs, Door Jam Restraints or Fantasy Bed Restraints (Fetish Fantasy Series) to get you in completely different positions of bondage. We recommend the Fetish Fantasy Series Spread Eagle Sling, nylon straps to hold legs in place, attached to a padded neck strap. This sling allows for deeper penetration and the perfect angle every time. Don’t forget to add the ball gag to your restraints – Sinner’s Sex Straps With Ball Gag combines a great system of adjustable wrist/ankle cuffs with an “ouchless” ball gag.

In addition to restraints and nipple clamps, BDSM includes fetish gear, gags, masks, whips and paddles, swings, shock therapy and more. No matter which accessories you choose to help you increase your pleasure in your BDSM scene, it is extremely important to remember to keep it safe and keep it consensual. When both of those qualities are taken care of, the pleasure that can be derived from this sexual exploration of fantasies is almost unlimited. Enjoy the seductive world of bondage, why wait?

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