Model 1 - In-Depth Unbiased Review (Sex Machine)

Model 1 - In-Depth Unbiased Review (Sex Machine)

To those it may of be of interest:

My name is Dan and my wife’s name is Debra. I will be 80 in 6 months and my wife is 56. We were asked by the owner of Shagsall LLC and to do an unbiased review of their new Model 1 machine. The owner’s name is Mike and the only compensation we agreed to was to use the machine as a weekend rental. We did not want to mix money with the review and wanted to be totally truthful about our experience.

My background is in engineering and product development so this opportunity was something of great interest to me. Shagsall has always made quality adult products and I know Mike is the inventor of a few items. My wife works in healthcare and so she had knowledge of safety and sanitary concerns.

Mike wanted to make this as real as possible so he delivered it to the door just as a freight carrier would. When we got the knock on the door the package was in a solid looking box and taped up very securely. When I picked it up the box was very solid and had a substantial amount of weight. As we sat in the living room we felt like it was Christmas without the tree and our anticipation was very high.

The packing tape was thick and we needed a knife to open the box. As we opened it we saw very dense foam that was cut perfect to secure the machine from being damaged. We started removing the packing and found the parts for the machine. All of the parts were very well packed and we even had to use scissors to cut the stretch wrap covered parts.

We did not have any instructions and Mike reassured us that the machines they send out will have very clear detailed instructions for assembly, care and how to sanitize. The machine we were reviewing came directly from the manufacturer in China and Mike’s company had not even modified it so they could put the Machine-yourself Brand on it yet. He told me of all the improvements they planned and the review my wife and I were doing would be very helpful.

We got all the parts laid out and some were powder coated or chrome; we were very impressed. The weight and feel of the parts gave us a sense the machine is one of quality. At this point Mike gave us some verbal instruction and a couple of pictures of what the machine was to look like after being put together. As an engineer it was pretty evident but, Mike was able to help my wife understand more smoothly than my usual, “Here let me do it” style. It was a great time and I was still trying to grasp the great quality and precision of the parts. It is so easy to think that products from China are inferior in some way and the product I was feeling and seeing was not inferior in any way at all.

The legs were chrome and made from a solid material. This was not light tubing like in some similar looking machines that I had seen before. The connection for the upright posts and leg base was easy to tighten with the Allen wrench that was provided for the hex nut connectors. Then ends of the rods had rubber caps to protect the surface the machine would be placed on. The upright machine support rods needed to be slid through the machine frame before attaching to the chrome base supports. Here again Mike reassured us that the instructions would not only have written instructions, clear assembly pictures, detail descriptions of part names and any hardware included. He also said there would be links to you tube videos if we needed them. One of his concerns was to be able to insure the instructions were complete and thorough for other nationalities and various languages.


There were a few small boxes that protected the speed controller, transformer and power cord. The unit we were trying out was designed for the USA electrical supply of 120v 60 Hertz. Mike said the 240v 50 Hertz machines used overseas were ordered from the manufacturer and sent in accordance with the new owner’s power source. He said the machines could also use a converter adapter if needed when traveling.

By now we had placed the machine on the chrome upright supports and tightened the connectors to the base supports. I was very impressed with the weight and I saw this was a major solution to a similar looking machine that used just tubing. That machine would bounce up and down and make a lot of noise as the speed was increased by the user. I liked the adjustment levers used to tighten the machine body to the support posts. My wife has issues with arthritis and she said she wished they were rubber coated as they bothered her hands a bit as she was tightening and loosening the lever. I found the lever to adjust and a very positive connection on the support posts.

Now with the machine standing upright it was time to hook up the electronics. My wife and I were so excited and in some ways it was not having instructions because it was like a treasure hunt to figure things out. We were having a blast and Mike just took notes as we proceeded. The electronic and electrical parts were very well made. None of the cheap lightweight wire or plastic cases. These were very solid and powder coated metal containers. The dial on the speed controller was easy to read even at my age without my glasses. The only thing I can say is I was exceedingly impressed at the construction, finish and quality of every aspect of the machine so far.

As we were hooking up the transformer and the power connector to the machine I noticed a couple of  issues. The power cord to the transformer did not have a very positive connection and became loose so the led indicator on the transformer would go on and off. The other connection was the plug for the power from the transformer to the box on the machine frame. That box was used to distribute power to the machine motor and the speed controller. The connector I am talking about is shaped like a laptop plugin. When I put in the receiving port the connector only went in halfway. I thought maybe it was something I had done and so I had Mike look at it. He agreed that is was a design that needed some attention and he came up with the solutions as we spoke. He has amazing talents to be able to do this and give the credit to the fact that he is Bipolar and learned to tap into the creative side while maintain not so pleasant aspects.


Well it was time to put the machine through its paces and being the gentleman that I am I let my wife have the controller first. There is red button on the speed controller case and that is used for emergency stops. I think it is a great idea but, when I checked out the controller I realized that someone could do an emergency stop at a high speed and then if the control dial was not returned to zero before hitting the button again the machine would start up at the speed when the emergency stop took place. I showed that to Mike and he noted the observation and was very impressed for me finding that. He reassured me that would be made very clear in the instruction and maybe even on the controller case.

My wife was having fun watching the shaft going in and out as she moved the dial. She got all excited and I think she even got a bit wet thinking about what it would feel like using a machine. She had never experienced anything like this before. We were both very impressed with how quiet the machine was.



At this point Mike told us he wanted to do some decibel readings of the machine at varying speeds. He had an app called sound meter on his phone that had a meter that would change as the sound increased or decreased. He placed his phone about 12 inches away from the motor. The first reading would be the base reading with us being totally quiet. The reading was 38. He instructed us to increase the speed of the machine to 2, 4, 6 ,8 and full speed. The readings were 41 at 2, 45 at 4, 49 at 6 and 55at 8. At full speed the machine was only at 62. The scale on the meter indicated that 60 was a level of a normal conversation at 3 feet. Level of 70db is that of busy traffic or a vacuum cleaner. Mike informed us that the quietness of the machine is a major concern for many because the use in apartments, motels dormitories, and when other people are in close proximity they want to use a quiet machine.

Needless to say we were all very impressed.

Well my wife and I are ready to do some more thorough testing so Mike left the machine and we said goodbye. We all smiled with a twinkle in our eyes he went his way and we headed to the bedroom.

Woo Hoo!!!

Later that evening we realized we had so much fun we didn’t analyze and make any notes about the machine. We called Mike and let him know and we all had a great time talking and laughing about how much fun we had through the whole door to bedroom process.

The machine performed very well and more testing will be needed soon we hope.

Hope this helps anyone thinking or renting or buying the Model 1 machine from Machineyourself or Trysexmachines in Australia.

Dan and Debra

Spokane, WA

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