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TrySexMachines | Australia has been proudly offering and recommending Lovense products since we have been in business, and we have been proven to be right in hyping this amazing line.  Discovered right here in Australia, the Lovense Lush has become one of the top sex toys in the industry.  In fact, the Lovense Lush is so amazing, it has quickly risen to the top ten of this year’s best-selling sex toys and has won multiple awards thanks to its innovation and excellent design.  The Lovense line is extensive, from vibrators to butt plugs, but our favorite, and yours too, according to sales and feedback, is still the Lovense Lush.

The Lovense Lush is a bullet vibrator that boasts a wide range of vibrations, from strong and intense to soft and delicate, or even pulsating to music.  But the part that makes the Lovense Lush stand out from the crowd is its integration with modern technology, which allows the user to download an app that can be connected to another person, who can then control the vibrator.  This allows you to have the sensation that your partner is there with you, controlling your stimulation and your pleasure.

Designed to be nearly silent when inserted, the Lovense Lush is perfect for wearing under your clothes, out in public, or simply in the room when you need a little quiet so you are not disturbed.  According to your stories, many of you have taken advantage of this feature and have used this bullet vibrator to add some really interesting, sexy and X-rated experiences to your list, crossing out some fantasies and making new ones in the process.  Keep telling us your stories, we love reading – and picturing - them!

Waterproof, rechargeable, easy to clean and easy to use, it is no wonder this little vibratory is in the top ten of all of the sex toys in the entire industry!  If you haven’t yet tried the Lush, what are you waiting for?

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