Lovense Lush

Lovense Lush

Relationships today are completely different than they were even ten years ago. With a huge increase in the amount of internet dating, and the amazing new innovations in technology, the sex toy industry has found a way to keep up with the changes by combining two of our favorite things – our phones and sex. But phone sex and sexting are no longer as unfulfilling and one-sided as they used to be, thanks to Lovense Lush.

Here’s one scenario: J lives in Australia and has been on Instagram following his friend in America. Through his friend, he meets L, whom he thinks is gorgeous and he starts chatting her up. They hit it off, and the next thing you know, they decide to take their relationship to the next level. Well, up until recently, that would include a lot of self-pleasure and talk. But with Lovense Lush, J and L actually get to interact together through the state of the art technology Lovense has created. J and L each buy the vibrator, download the app, and now they can actually feel the sensations of their partner being there as they control, or are controlled by, them.

That’s just one way to use Lovense Lush. There are a million more. Just think, with the ability to be used quietly under your clothes and with Bluetooth technology, you can also watch as your partner tries to keep their composure in front of others while you amp up the stimulation on the vibrator. Those boring dinner parties or long seminars will never be the same!

Lovense has revolutionized the sex toy industry. With the Lush products, they provide extremely powerful stimulation in a small package, and with the Bluetooth capability for long range use, the possibilities are limitless. Use your imagination and experience how the Lovense Lush can give you the ultimate in pleasure!

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