How the LELO Sona 2 Cruise Made Me Give Up My Best Friend

How the LELO Sona 2 Cruise Made Me Give Up My Best Friend

I thought I had a favourite sex toy. It was my best friend. It brought me to pleasures my exes only thought that they had given me, and it did all but keep me warm at night. But then I cheated. I heard about this new toy that had cruise control, and I had to try the LELO Sona Cruise 2. And my old toy and I broke up for good.

Yes, the Sona 2 Cruise is that good.

It’s made from cutting-edge technology, which we’ve come to expect from LELO. It’s a sonic vibrator.

What’s that, you ask? Well, instead of using physical vibration to create stimulation, sonic vibrators actually release frequencies that create airwaves where you use the toy and pull the skin upward. When you use it around your clitoris, the air sucks it up…and it covers a much wider area that you’d imagine.

So you’ve got your choice of pink or purple (I’m a purple girl myself) with this sonic massager. Whichever colour you choose, you get the newest technology from LELO – Cruise Control. No, it’s not just for cars anymore.

LELO’s exclusive Cruise Control technology turns a decent orgasm into a drawn-out explosion of pleasure. The Sona 2 Cruise has a motor powerful enough to stay strong and consistent no matter how or where you’re holding it. The hums from the motor cause the stimulation to your clitoris, building up the sensation slowly and creating an almost impossible to replicate intensity (which is why bye-bye, old favourite toy).

Beyond the powerful, steady ride of the humming motor – as if that wasn’t enough – you get 8 different settings to choose your perfect intensity. Change them at the easy slide or touch of a button without even looking, since the layout is quite strategically planned to avoid enjoyment interruption.

Just to make great even greater, the Sona 2 Cruise is completely, 100% immersible. Yes, you can use it in the pool and hot tub. You can use it in the shower. You can use it anywhere you get turned on, as long as its legal. And with over 200 orgasms per charge, you can actually use it everywhere. (I’m still working on that.)

Since it’s one piece of silicone, it’s completely watertight and easy to clean. The mouth head (and it really does look like a mouth if you’re using your imagination) is wide and able to pull your skin deeply into it. You don’t have to move it once you’re settled. Just put the mouth where you want it and let it go to work.

LELO advertises that the Sona 2 Cruise “stimulates the entire clitoris, even the parts you don’t see,” and they’re on point. It feels like a vibrator but works like a suction toy. Since the buildup is so powerful, you may even feel wave after wave of a come down after your main orgasm – that was my final selling point to kick my old vibrator to the curb.

I mean, any vibrator can give you a climax, but this one almost buys you flowers, dinner and a movie first and then sticks around for a while after the main event.

If your goal is an intense orgasm without a lot of work, the Sona 2 Cruise will not let you down. But be warned – it might cause a breakup.

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