F-Machine Pro II - Sex Machine

F-Machine Pro II - Sex Machine

With all of the technology available today, you have almost limitless possibilities and no reason for excuses to enhance your sex life. The sex machines available today seem to do all of the work for you, leaving you with nothing but pleasure. If you are thinking about making this transition in your bedroom activities, one of the most talked about love machines out there today is the F-Machine Pro 2, outselling its competitors in the sex machine market two to one.

This amazing fucking machine has been around in its original version since 2011. It was an immediate hit in the sex machine market due to its innovative design and affordable price. The designers realized there were a few modifications they could do to enhance their product, and eighteen months later the F-Machine Pro 2 was born. This machine is exactly what you need if you are looking for the best penetration possible with stability and adjustable thrust depth. It is extremely reliable and definitely one of the best on the market.

I’m sure the question in your head is, but how can a machine be comfortable? The F-Machine Pro 2 is compatible with all Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock attachments, so you can picture your favorite dildo attached while you read through the specifications that make this the best fucking machine on the market today. The F-Machine comes with a free 8-inch Vacu-U-Lock dildo just in case you don’t have a favorite yet. Additionally, a wired heavy duty remote control is included for “exact” speed control, and the machine is maneuverable to get you to that specific spot at just the right speed you need.

Logistically, this sex machine is built to exact scientific specifications to ensure stability while providing pleasure. Built for durability, the F-Machine 2 is much a much better choice than any non-branded option. The high power, high quality motor is removable, allowing full disconnection of the power supply from the machine if necessary. Depending on your region’s electricity supply, you have the option to use 110 or 240 volts in your power switch. The crank is newly designed to be easily adjusted, and the thrust depth can be changed with one hand (important if it’s being adjusted while you’re busy with other things). The new F-Machine has smoother adjuster knobs for easier use, and a larger screw for better strength. Adjustable thrust depth is 1 inch to 6 inches. The front and rear legs are also adjustable for versatility in positioning.

The leg clamps are nylon with brass inserts for comfortability with security. You can change the height and angle by loosening the leg clamps and sliding up or down. These are easy to use, and easy to switch during play. The speed remote control is also very simple to operate. Going from 0-240, you can control the machine’s speed conveniently for your ultimate pleasure. Many reviewers caution, however, that you should start slow and build up to the speed you want. Knowing the importance of this as far as safety goes, the designers have taken this into consideration and equipped the sex machine with a soft start, which means it starts slowly and predictably, before moving into the desired speed you have set. The thrust rod is easy to make longer or shorter by simply unscrewing it, extending it or sliding it back in, and turning it to lock into place. While you are distracted, you don’t want to have to worry about fighting to move your machine in the place you want it, and the creators of the F-Machine Pro 2 truly understand this.

In addition to the love machine itself, there are optional accessory features. If you’re looking for more pleasure, try the F-Machine Double Trouble dildo attachment for double penetration pleasure. It’s compatible with both the F-Machine Gigolo and Pro 2 versions. Or, try the Starter Kit with suction cup, dildo, powder and storage bag. There’s also a masturbator attachment, the Rocky Masturbator, to help keep the extra equipment you may need within reach. There are additional optional stabilizers if you feel the need for more stability, and a universal dildo attachment. These features are built to the exact fitting of the F-Machine to help you get the most pleasure possible.

Looking to buy but not sure about making the investment? Here are the details you need to know to reassure yourself that it is most definitely a smart buy. First, each fucking machine comes with a full one-year consumer warranty, along with a lifetime parts replacement warranty to the original user. Even though the machine is built with quality parts and components, they want you to be reassured that if something happens to a part, they’ve got it under control. Shipping and packing is discrete, usually in a plain box with generic labeling, depending on where you order from. Technical support is available, or you can go online and ask the many sellers of this product for a quick answer.

But don’t just take my word for it. Look around, ask around, and check out the reviews on Amazon.com. With 77% of the reviews receiving 5-star ratings, and an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars, you know that it really is a great product. Here are some of the reviews just in case you don’t want to look yourself:

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something for just you, or something for couples, this love machine will satisfy whatever fantasy you are trying to bring to life. The designers of the F-Machine Pro 2 had only your ultimate pleasure in mind while they created each component, and their warranty ensures that you won’t be disappointed. The dozens of five-star reviews speak for themselves, and the price is affordable and well worth the investment. If you are hoping and looking to take your sex life to the next level, the F-Machine Pro 2 is the best, safest, and most pleasurable move you can make.

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