Buy Sex Machines with Bitcoin

Buy Sex Machines with Bitcoin has always been on the cutting edge of innovation with our products, and now we can proudly say that we are also there with our payment methods.  Effective immediately, we are proud to accept Bitcoin for even more secure transactions and guaranteed anonymity with your purchases.

For those in the know, you know that Bitcoin is considered the money of the future.  For those of you who have no idea, or maybe just a vague notion, of what Bitcoin is, basically, it is completely digital money, operated by users in a way that cannot be hacked or replicated.  Bitcoin uses the concept of cryptography, along with complicated mathematical algorithms, to ensure that each transfer of money is safe and accurate.  Your transaction is begun by turning your money into a simple online “block,” which then is turned into a chain of blocks (block chain) that is digitalized and protected so that only the person you give the key to can access your block chain.  The keys are randomly generated and impossible to hack into because of the complicated failsafes behind the creation of Bitcoin itself.

In fact, Bitcoin is so popular and secure that many major companies world-wide are using it as their preferred payment method.  Huge online retailers such as electronics distributor Tiger Direct, the electric car company Tesla, and the online gaming titan Zynga are all happily accepting Bitcoin.  What’s the draw?  Why is Bitcoin becoming the new wave of currency for the future?

It really boils down to more than just security.  Bitcoin is completely anonymous, with no one but you and your trading partner having access to the key that opens your specific block of money.  Transactions are extremely secure because no personal information is sent, thus freeing you from the worry of identity theft or fraud. 

Additionally, there are no currency exchange rates or transaction fees (or extremely minimal fees), so retailers that once were limited in their consumer market can now expand virtually world-wide.  Because of this, the retailer can pass on their savings to the consumers by offering lower, more competitive prices.  And you can send any amount of money anywhere in the world, any time you need to.  That is a luxury that is hard to beat with other currencies.

When you order your adult sex toys, you want to know that your order is safe, secure and discrete.  Although we always strive for these things in every transaction, by offering the ability to use Bitcoin just took customer service and safety to a whole new level, passing the savings down to you.  Why not go ahead and use Bitcoin for your next purchase now?



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