Autoblow 2+: An Overnight Sensation

Autoblow 2+: An Overnight Sensation

Back in 2014, Brian Sloan set a crowdfunding goal of $45,000 for his invention of a “powerfully realistic electronic male pleasure machine,” with the hopes that the Autoblow 2+ would be as interesting to the Indiegogo crowdfunders as it was to him.  By the end of his fundraising campaign, he had his answer, having blown past that measly goal and ending up with over $250,000 to start his company selling the most realistic, easy to use male sex robot to date.

Just as Sloan amazed the crowdfunding market with his idea, so has the Autoblow 2+ taken the sex toy market by storm across the world.  Sloan is now known as the “entrepreneur of the autoerotic.”  His newest creation, the Autoblow 2+, is almost a household name – and it is finally available for purchase in Australia.  

Made famous by such popular men’s magazines as Playboy, Vice and Culture Magazine, this male masturbator is now sold to over 50,000 homes every year.  This statistic shows that there is a huge market out there for men who are in search of ways to find their pleasure beyond what the sex toy industry had to offer in terms of vibrators and like items for them.

In other words, men want more stimulation with less work, and the Autoblow 2+ does the job impressively well.

Unlike the other blowjob toys on the market that make you work for your pleasure, or have an unrealistic feel or look to them, the Autoblow 2+ is a powerful mechanical suction toy that uses three rows of beads to massage up to 15 cm, or 4 inches, of your penis.  There is more stimulation and less work involved than in the case of previous masturbators, making this the preferred way to go for most men looking for pleasure.

The Autoblow company recently touted Australian men as one of their top purchasers, noting that they were willing to pay astronomical shipping prices to purchase the Autoblow 2+ from sellers in the United States.  Now, with a manufacturing headquarters located in Melbourne, you can get your Autoblow 2+ from small businesses like for a fraction of what it would have cost you to buy from the United States previously.

In fact, the launch of the Melbourne location coincided with some minor upgrades in the Autoblow 2+, including a more powerful motor and an extra inch of stimulation.  

With the ability to give you unlimited blow jobs on demand, the Autoblow 2+ is a no-brainer for you, your boyfriend, or even as a gift to the men in your life that you know could use a little extra satisfaction.

Hundreds of thousands of men are enjoying the robot blowjob that does all the work for you, and with the bonus of local availability in Australia, you can, too.

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